The HSA Healthcare Revolution

Finally, there is a company that integrates and aligns the interests of the real consumers in the health care system under America’s national Health Savings Account program. Eliminating the hazards and delays of multi-layered profit centers, Simplicity Health Plans restores real purchasing power to the employer and the employee with a propreitary licensed, on-line transactional software system which was developed by its founders, Dr. Gregory J. Hummer and John Guiher, CPA, MBA. Simplicity’s system specifically administrates self-insured group health on behalf of employers for their employees and their dependants. Simplicity Health Plans is revolutionizing the Healthcare industry with:

Real time, on-line data sharing between employer, employee and provider

Fast, simple to understand communications

Claims processing WITHOUT PAPERWORK

Freedom from Checks and Debit Cards

Integrated and transparent medical & financial accounting

Expense free account administration

Provider payments in 72 hours

Member HSA’s secured by line-of-credit to prevent overdrawing

Easy to use, on-line tools for member, employer & provider account managment

Immediate medical & pharmacy bill pricing and payment

Built-in security with real-time transparency to prevent fraud, double-billing & theft

Assistive health management with free personal Health Coaching

Professional wellness resources

Expert Pharmacy wellness coaching, management & on-line ordering

Superior medical management of chronic diseases for optimized utilization of resources