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The Best Implementation of a CDHP/HSA Program - U.S. Patent # 8,756,073

We're Changing The Game!

Point of Service Claims Payment is Now a Reality
Simplicity Health Plans® offers point of service claims processing through a proprietary patented technology called QuickPayNet®;. Claims are processed on-line and in real-time via the Web direct from Providers� offices. The efficiencies gained through instant and paperless claims processing are tremendous.

Empowering the Consumer
Simplicity Health Plans® works through QuickPayNet®; to provide the missing link: a common technology platform to tie all stakeholders together � Employers/Plan Administrators, Members and Providers.

This totally secure, web based claims and communication portal has been in use for 5 years. Its parent software platform has paid billions of dollars in medical claims annually.

Simplicity Health Plans® empowers the consumerism movement. The common technology bond brings to life, in a practical low cost way, many �ideals� of consumerism: real-time data sharing, efficient claims processing, integrated medical and financial accounting, expense free HSA account administration, medical & pharmacy pricing and quality transparency, �tools� for patients to better manage their health, wellness resources, optimized utilization and lower claims costs. All are possible when the interested parties can easily communicate.

Everybody Wins!

To the Employer:

  1. The most Simple HSA system�eliminates waste, fraud and Member frustration resulting in fewer Human Resources interactions with Members
  2. Lower claims costs in the self-insured retention
    • Real-time claims data (medical procedure codes & pharmacy data) allow for immediate intervention and Case Management supervision of emerging chronic & catastrophic claims
  3. Lower reinsurance costs
  4. Flattened annual cost increases due to utilization control
  5. A healthier and wealthier workforce
  6. Avoid the Disaster of a Debit Card
  7. Built in anti-fraud devices�you pay for only your employees and their dependents�not others, also PIN codes eliminate fraudulent doctor bills. These two types of fraud are now estimated to be 150 billion dollars per year and are especially prevalent in the self-insured sector.

To the Member:

  1. Integrated medical and financial HSA accounting system on a single screen
    •   Allows on-line audit prior to claim being paid, direct communication with servicing Provider, evaluation of Provider and services rendered, allows for Member to �ask� for additional discounts from Provider. Provider evaluations and discount data are tracked for other Members.
  2. Comparison Shopper helps find best deals with the best Providers
  3. Go to any Provider that will accept hassle free rapid payment at the Simplicity price.
  4. Eliminates need to follow up by writing checks or using debit card to pay claims
  5. Eliminates HSA account fees required for debit cards & checking accounts
  6. Integrated Advance Account to cover claims, if required
    •   Paid back in pre-tax installments as part of the payroll deduction
  7. “High Touch” consumerism tools to manage health care expenses
  8. Access to StayFit Plan & 24/7 Telephonic Physician Consults
  9. Accumulation of equity in HSA accounts

To the Provider:

  1. Lowers cost of doing business
    •   Virtually no collection costs due to immediate & paperless claims submission
    •   No transactions costs deducted for use of a debit card
  2. Faster collection cycle
    •   Payment within 5-7 business days
  3. Eliminates credit risk
    •   100% of the Plan Allowed amount guaranteed, if accepted
  4. Easy to use, integrated accounting system to track all claims
  5. Better service, better pricing for Simplicity Members.